Smart bathtub

System supporting safe bathing in a bathtub. It uses maesurements of bioimpedance, ECG, water level, water temperature and others.

What is it for?

  • to monitor the activity of a bathing person (e.g. sleeping).
  • to monitor the risks during bath (e.g. drowning).
  • to monitor the water level and temperature.
  • for automatic water cut off and water dump if dangerous conditions are detected (e.g. high water level).
  • for automatic triggering and distribution of alerts (e.g. assistance required, heart attack, etc.).

Who would use it?

  • Elderly people who like bathing in a tub.
  • People at risk of heart disease.
  • People who want to feel safe in the bath while maintaining privacy (no cameras, microphones, etc.).

Videos related to the project:

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