IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference – 7 papers and 11 participants from our Department


IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference – 7…

The Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) was organized in Berlin (23-27.07.2019). The Conference is the biggest and the most interesting conference in the area of Biomedical Engineering. The team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering has presented 7 papers during the event:

Can we rely on the pulse transit time – pressure relationship – models comparison *

Artur Poliński Adam Bujnowski Tomasz Kocejko Jerzy Wtorek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 754 – 757

Respiratory signal of bathing person – preliminary study*

Adam Bujnowski Kamil Osinski Piotr Przystup Jerzy Wtorek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 1274 – 1277

Methodology for assessing end-user requirements in the Ella4Life project: elders’ perspectives about self-monitoring *

Mariusz Kaczmarek Magdalena Velciu Luiza Spiru Adam Bujnowski Aleksey Andrushevich Edith Birrer

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 1409 – 1412

Evaluating Accuracy of Respiratory Rate Estimation from Super Resolved Thermal Imagery

Alicja Kwasniewska Maciej Szankin Jacek Ruminski Mariusz Kaczmarek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 2744 – 2747

Evaluation of Facial Pulse Signals using Deep Neural Net Models

Jacek Rumiński Alicja Kwaśniewska Maciej Szankin Tomasz Kocejko Magdalena Mazur-Milecka

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 3399 – 3403

A wearable system developed to monitor people suffering from vasovagal syncope*

Michal Pietrewicz Artur Polinski Tomasz Kocejko Jerzy Wtorek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 3584 – 3587

Electrodes array for contactless ECG measurement of a bathing person – a sensitivity analysis*

Kamil Osinski Adam Bujnowski Piotr Przystup Jerzy Wtorek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 6583 – 6586


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