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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference – 7…

The Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) was organized in Berlin (23-27.07.2019). The Conference is the biggest and the most interesting conference in the area of Biomedical Engineering. The team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering has presented 7 papers during the event:

Can we rely on the pulse transit time – pressure relationship – models comparison *

Artur Poliński Adam Bujnowski Tomasz Kocejko Jerzy Wtorek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 754 – 757

Respiratory signal of bathing person – preliminary study*

Adam Bujnowski Kamil Osinski Piotr Przystup Jerzy Wtorek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 1274 – 1277

Methodology for assessing end-user requirements in the Ella4Life project: elders’ perspectives about self-monitoring *

Mariusz Kaczmarek Magdalena Velciu Luiza Spiru Adam Bujnowski Aleksey Andrushevich Edith Birrer

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 1409 – 1412

Evaluating Accuracy of Respiratory Rate Estimation from Super Resolved Thermal Imagery

Alicja Kwasniewska Maciej Szankin Jacek Ruminski Mariusz Kaczmarek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 2744 – 2747

Evaluation of Facial Pulse Signals using Deep Neural Net Models

Jacek Rumiński Alicja Kwaśniewska Maciej Szankin Tomasz Kocejko Magdalena Mazur-Milecka

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 3399 – 3403

A wearable system developed to monitor people suffering from vasovagal syncope*

Michal Pietrewicz Artur Polinski Tomasz Kocejko Jerzy Wtorek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 3584 – 3587

Electrodes array for contactless ECG measurement of a bathing person – a sensitivity analysis*

Kamil Osinski Adam Bujnowski Piotr Przystup Jerzy Wtorek

Publication Year: 2019, Page(s): 6583 – 6586


Congratulations to all authors!!!



2nd International Summer School on Deep Learning (Gdansk, 1-5…

The 2nd International Summer School on Deep Learning (Gdansk, 1-5 July, 2019) organized by our team has just finished. More than 120 people from more that 20 countries participated in this event. This year again we were very lucky to host extraordinary speakers from many countries. Please visit the main website of the event ( or Twitter ( for more information.



Special Session on Human-System Interaction, IECON 2018

We organized a special session on Human-System Interaction in Smart Environments during the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Electronics (IECON 2018). During the IECON 2018 Conference we presented 4 papers:

1. Towards Contactless, Hand Gestures-Based Control of Devices
2. Road Condition Evaluation using Fusion of Multiple Deep Models on Always-on Vision Processor
3. Smart weighing scale with feet-sampled ECG
4. Smart heating system for home extending utilization of renewable energy sources

Additionally, prof. Ruminski was invited to participate in the discussion panel focused on Smart Buildings.

In general, it was a very interesting conference and the participants were very interested in our works.

More information at:


IEEE EMB Conferences, Jeju (2017) & Honolulu (2018)

The International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society is probably the biggest and the most important conference focused on biomedical engineering. Last year the conference was organised in Jeju (Korea). Five participants from our departmenbt took part in this great event presenting 4 papers:

1. Automatic analysis of the aggressive behavior of laboratory animals using thermal video processing,
2. The motion influence on respiration rate estimation from low-resolution thermal sequences during attention focusing tasks,
3. A body position influence on ECG derived respiration,
4. A novel sensor for measuring temperature profile during the thermoablation,

This year, the EMBC 2018 conference was organized in Honolulu. We also presented 4 papers:
1. A Meta-Analysis of Pulse Arrival Time Based Blood Pressure Estimation
2. Long Distance Vital Signs Monitoring with Person Identification for Smart Home Solutions
3. Pose-Invariant Face Detection by Replacing Deep Neurons with Capsules for Thermal Imagery in Telemedicine
4. The Analysis of Temperature Changes of the Saliva Traces Left on the Fur During Laboratory Rats Soial Contacts

During the event we met Dr. John Webster. He is the editor of the: Medical instrumentation: application and design, Fourth Edition New York, John Wiley & Sons, 2009. He has also developed 22 other books including the Encyclopedia of medical devices and instrumentation, Second Edition, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2006. We have been using his books for many years.


We have also met our friends from Silesian University of Technology.

Next year, the EMBC 2019 will be organized in Berlin. We are looking forward to submit papers for this important event.

More photos from the event:



Summer School on Deep Learning – registration closed

We have just closed registration system for the International Summer School on deep Learning. So far, it has been a great success. Participants from 21 countries submitted their applications. Due to some limits we have to chose only 60 participants. Other candidates were added to the waitning list.

International Summer School on Deep Learning (2-6 July, 2018) will introduce participants with fundamentals of deep learning methods. Outside of the basecamp, special sessions and keynotes are planned to keep the audience up to date with the latest advances in this fascinating research area. Outstanding speakers and experienced instructors from all over the world will present scientific background, practical issues and perspectives for the future of deep learning methods. The keynote lectures and mini courses will cover topics ranging from fundamentals of neural networks to practical implementations and applications of deep learning. We invite students, researchers and professionals to participate in this unique event that will keep you on track, help unleashing new ideas and give you a chance to be a part of mind-blowing conversations.

More information:


E-nose system tests in PKN Orlen

Multisensor electronic nose system developed at the Department of Biomedical Engineering is being tested in the air quality monitoring station in Płock. Station in operated by PKN ORLEN and equipped with high precision reference analyzers for continuous measurement of the most important air parameters such as sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxides concentration. Tests are part of the partnership between PKN ORLEN and Gdansk University of Technology. The main purpose of the measurements is to check the possibility of using the electronic nose technology in an air quality monitoring.


Deep Learning Lab

The DGX Station was successfully installed and started at our Faculty. We will soon start the experiments in our department that will be focused on training models for gesture recognition for the needs of a linear optical sensor (a part of smart glasses), for the recognition of face features (e.g., a nose) in thermal images and for object recognition of image sequences. The server will be also used during the International Summer School on Deep Learning that we are organizing in July 2018 (


DGX Station – faster Deep Learning (NVIDIA GTC 2017)

DGX Station – faster Deep Learning

Thanks to Faculty Founds we have bought the new NVIDIA DGX Station that will be delivered at the beginning of November. The server will allow efficient computations using newest GPU cards. It will be a great companion to the extraordinary cluster available at out supercomputer centre (TASK –

The DGX Station and related applications were presented during the NVIDIA GPU Technical Conference at Munich (10-12 October, 2017). The event was almost entirely dominated by presentations of the application of AI in practice. Many talks and demonstrations were dedicated to medical issues like automatic analysis of medical images (e.g., cancer recognition, tissue analysis in pathology, image quality improvements, etc.). Almost all medical imaging modalities were referenced during presentation. The practical role of AI and DL is increasing. Therefore, we are happy from new resources that will be available for our group.


Visit of prof. Jacek Zurada – the candidate for…

Prof. Jacek Zurada has visited us during the National Conference on Databases (Infobazy 2017). In 1968 he graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology. His MSc thesis was in Control and Information Theory. In 1975 he received his PhD degree and became a post-doc at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich. Currently, he is a candidate for the position of IEEE President Elect 2018.


We are organizing HSI 2018!

We are happy to inform that the next edition of the IEEE/IES Conference on Human System Interaction will be organized in Gdansk! During the first week of July 2018 (4-6, July 2018) researchers from all over the world will visit Gdansk University of Technology to exchange new innovative ideas related to the field of human system interaction.

The HSI conference has been prepared as a platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences in interactions between man and these systems. The HSI conference series has become the very important international conference in the field of Human System Interactions, human system science and engineering, human factors in large complex systems, human space computing and cyberphysical systems, human environment interactions, and social‐technical systems. This 11th international conference on Human System Interaction will be held in Gdańsk from the 4th to 6th July 2018. The conference will cover the theory, design and application of human‐system interactions in the areas of science, education, business, industry, services, humanity, environment, health, and government. Aside from the regular presentations, the conference will include keynote addresses from speakers who work both in industry and academia, and expects to attract more than 120 participants.

The General Chair of the Conference and the Organizing Committee are from the Department of Biomedical Engineering. As organizers we welcome all interested researchers, professionals and students to participate in this great event.

More information at: HSI Website