Seminar on Artificial Intelligence


Seminar on Artificial Intelligence

Department of Biomedical Engineering and AI Bay/DIH4.AI invite to seminar on 26th November 2020.

Program (CET):

  • 17.30-18.05: High Performance, Green Machine Learning for Embedded Edge Systems, David Gamba and Alicja Kwaśniewska, (, CA, USA)
  • 18.05-18.40: ML and Data Classification, John Saunders, (Titus and Boldon James, UK)  
  • 18.40-19.15: AI in Practice: the “smarter” future ahead, Milos Manic (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)

The event will be organized using Zoom platform. The invitation with Zoom link data will be sent two days before the seminar to all registered participants. Registration:


About the speakers:

David Gamba – VP of Business Development at (USA) – company focused on delivering a low power high performance ML platform accelerating performance of computer vision workloads for embedded edge applications (

David has over 20 years experience in the semiconductor industry and has been recognized by the industry for introducing Hard Floating Point into FPGA devices as well as the OpenCL programming language into the programmable logic industry, which were key to driving the industry’s first wide scale adoption of FPGA accelerators in data centers.

Alicja Kwaśniewska – Software Architect at specializing in machine learning applications for the embedded edge. She is also a co-organizer of the International Summer School on Deep Learning ( and has 20+ publications in the field, which were frequently awarded with e.g. best paper and best young professional paper awards. In her PhD dissertation she proposed innovative architectures of deep neural networks aimed at improving accuracy of remote medical diagnostics.


John SaundersSales Engineer at HelpSystems specializing in Data Identification, Classification and Protection. HelpSystems Data Security Suite combines Titus, Boldon James, Clearswift and GoAnywhere data security platforms to achieve a unified approach to managing and protecting your data.

Milos Manic – Professor of Computer Science at Virginia Commonwealth University (USA), director of VCU Cybersecurity Center,, Fellow Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (AI Assurance),,  officer at IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, an author of 200 research papers and the leader of more than 30 research projects. Research areas include: artificial intelligence, cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, energy security, resilient intelligent control, and other.

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