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eGlasses – smart glasses

The eGlasses project is focused on the development of an open platform in the form of multisensory electronic glasses and on the integration and designing of new intelligent interaction methods using the eGlasses platform.

This is an initial development focused on long-term research and technological innovation in perceptual and super-perceptual (e.g. heart rate, temperature) computing. It is an emerging technology that is also focused on the creation of mobile, perceptual media.
Perceptual media refers to multimedia devices with added perceptual user interface capabilities. These devices integrate human-like perceptual awareness of the environment, with the ability to respond appropriately. This can be achieved by using automatic perception of an object’s properties and delivering information about the object’s status as a result of reasoning operations.
For example, using the eGlasses, it will be possible to control a device, which is recognized within the field of view using the interactive menu, associated with the identified device.
Other examples include presentation of a recognized person name, recognition of people with abnormal physiological parameters, protection against possible head injuries, etc.

More information at: eGlasses Website

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eBlow – play and recover

A device to measure air flow during the blowing, and recording changes in the spatial location of the device. Key application: speech therapy.

What is it for?

  • to measure air flow and pressure.
  • to support speech therapy exercises.
  • to support rehabilitation of facial muscles.
  • to control software applications and computer games by blowing and using change of the device orientation.

Who would use it?

  • Children recovering from cleft palate surgery.
  • Children and adults with speech impediments (e.g. stuttering, hyper-nasal speech, etc.).
  • Patients recovering from stroke or facial paralysis.
  • Computer gamers.
  • Many other users.

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