Special Session on Human-System Interaction, IECON 2018


Special Session on Human-System Interaction, IECON 2018

We organized a special session on Human-System Interaction in Smart Environments during the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Electronics (IECON 2018). During the IECON 2018 Conference we presented 4 papers:

1. Towards Contactless, Hand Gestures-Based Control of Devices
2. Road Condition Evaluation using Fusion of Multiple Deep Models on Always-on Vision Processor
3. Smart weighing scale with feet-sampled ECG
4. Smart heating system for home extending utilization of renewable energy sources

Additionally, prof. Ruminski was invited to participate in the discussion panel focused on Smart Buildings.

In general, it was a very interesting conference and the participants were very interested in our works.

More information at: http://www.iecon2018.org/