Non-invasive methods of vital signals detection utilizing magnetic field

Magnetic techniques are commonly used to detect presence of metallic objects and as a proximity detectors in mechatronics. There are also known methods utilizing the eddy-current technique to measure conductivity of media. In Biomedical Engineering Department we are conducting research on the application of magnetic techniques to detect presence of living tissues in various environments (e.g., presence of a person in the bathtub). Another field of our interest is possibility of magnetic field utilization in detection of vital parameters like cardiac signals or pulmonary related signals. Low power magnetic techniques allow to maintain electrical safety of the supervised person as they do not demand galvanic connection like in bioimpedance techniques.Problems to solve include discrimination of two contrary effects of living tissue interaction with magnetic field – presence of conductive media induces eddy currents (causing raise of characteristic frequency) which is in contrary to effects caused by high permittivity of living tissues.

Contact person: Adam Bujnowski